LENZMAN 来日インタビュー

(当コンテンツはHEAVY1 Minimalized!!!!!!!!!!!!!より抜粋・転載したものです。)


Compered with your first visit to Japan, how have you changed Any thoughts?

I think since my last visit to Japan a lot has happend for me musically. I've improved a lot as a producer and as a DJ. I am looking forward to coming back and showcasing some of the things I've been working. Also I am looking forward to checking out some other cities and seeing a bit more of the country!

- 前回の訪問から、音楽面で沢山の変化がおきたと思う。プロデューサーとしてもDJとしてもずいぶん進歩(/向上)できた。 日本へ戻って、僕が現在取り組んでいる作品を是非披露したい。次は日本の他の街も見てみたいな。

Tell us about your new album on Metalheadz and what plans do you have for 2012?

I've been working on this album for about a year and it's now nearing completion. I'm really happy with what is there so far, I think it's some of the best work I've done. It should be coming out after the summer and it also includes some non-Drum&Bass stuff.
- 今回のアルバムには制作に一年間ほど 費やしていて、もうすぐ完成する予定。作品に対する現段階の満足度も高いし、おそらく今までで一番の仕上がりだと思う。今夏を過ぎた当たりに発売される予定だよ。このアルバムにはドラムンベースにじゃない作品も入ってるよ。

Why did you decide to go with Metalheadz?


I think Metalheadz has got such a lot of history musically. When I got into Drum & Bass in the 90's they were one of the labels that got me into it and that was important to me as an artist. Also they are still very relevant today. Goldie has such a passion for music and I just feel that I have complete freedom to express what I want as an artist.
- Metalheadzは音楽的にすごく長い歴史をもっていると思う。僕が90年代にドラムンベースにのめりこんだとき、Metalheadzは僕を魅了したレーベルのうちの一つだったし、それ自体がアーティストとして大切な事だった。それに彼らは現在でも重要性を備えている。Goldieは音楽に対する熱い情熱を持っているし、僕はアーティストとして自己表現したいことを自由に表現できる環境を与えられていると実感しているよ。

You are always get various artists' dubs, is there anyone that stands out?

Well I love all kinds of Drum & Bass and play across the board. Some of the artists I love are people like Calibre, Makoto, Jubei, Random Movement, Ulterior Motive, Alix Perez and SpectraSoul. In terms of newcomers, I like people like Komatic & Technicolour, and obviously people like Dub Phizix (not really a newcomer, but he's smashing it at the moment!)
- いろんな種類のドラムンベースが好きだから、分け隔てなく演奏するよ。特にCalibre, Makoto, Jubei, Random Movement, Ulterior Motive, Alix PerezやSpectraSoulなどのアーティストが気に入っている。新人に関しては、Komatic & technicolourやDub Phizix (実際はニューカマーではないけれど、今ものすごく波に乗ってる!)

Top 5 ?

Top 5
Chroma – So Alone
Ulterior Motive & Code 3 – Yeti
Calibre – Sleazy Jazz
Vicious Circle & Need For Mirrors – Eyes Wide Shut
Lenzman feat. Riya – How Did I Let U Go

Final words for Japan

I love Japan! And I can't wait to see you all in a few days...

- 日本大好き!待ちきれないほど、数日後に皆に会える事を楽しみにしてる。

2/10 Bassrain @ Fukuoka
2/11 Spazm @ Kohchi
2/12 Neon @ Tokyo